ROCKETLEAGUEVALUES.COM is a website that collects Rocket League item prices by users and shares it to improve the trading experience in Rocket League.

Votes are the way you we collect prices of items.
We collect, process and analyse these price votes to provide the best possible community price.

A key is a item to open a crate in Rocket League. It's the virtual item to measure a virtual price.

Keep in mind: Virtual items have NO real world value!

First you have to sign in through steam so you need a valid steam account.
Also you need to own Rocket League and a total playtime of more than 25h.

Note: If you think you meet the requirements but it's not working? Signing out and signing in through steam again should fix the issue!

There are 2 general limitations:
1. You can vote for an item once a day (22h delay). Different colors are counted as different items.
2. You can vote for max 25 items per day in total (max 25 in 24h)

You are only allowed to have a maximum of 10 trades at the same time as active.

There are 2 general limitations:
1. You can write 10 comments every 15 minutes in total.
2. You can write 2 comments every 2 minutes per trade.

Yes, you can do e.g. by sharing this website with your friends or add to your Steam name. Thanks a lot!

We just share your Steam Name, SteamID and Rocket League Total Playtime with our users to verify votes and report fake votes.

We NEVER EVER share any personal or login information (apart from that we do not have this information..), unless you do not set them as public in your Steam Account.
Please double check it before posting!