Community rules for the website (following “RLValues”)

  1. The community guidelines apply for every user on who registers, signs in, creates and posts a trade, comments or votes for prices:
    1. RLValues is not connected to any kind of user interaction on this website and give the user the full responsibility of what they do.
    2. The user has to create trade offers, comments or votes conscientiously and is not allowed to do fake votes, scams or violation of any kind on this website.
    3. Information like links, IP’s, commercials, advertisements, content forbidden by law or which may offend someone are forbidden and may result in a removal, restriction, temporary or permanent ban.
    4. Trading with other currencies except Rocket League items is forbidden and violates the EULA of Rocket League. (
    5. Having multiple accounts on is not allowed.
    6. We do not give any warranty for our service. We cannot ensure that our service is always available nor will be available forever.
    7. RLValues reserves the right to exclude or to restrict any account on this website.
    8. RLValues reserves the right to edit or delete accounts, comments, trades and votes on this website.
    9. RLValues reserves the right to change or dismiss the community guidelines in any form at any time.