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I am desprate for a black market decal! I can also add 4 keys on for them all. Ill give you 4 keys and all the items there for them both or i could give you 2 exotics and 4 keys for 1 black market! I also have sky-blue Neyoyo's they are worth 5 keys.

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Steam: Fresh_patato
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Details about GEARLOCK

Gearlock are a Very Rare Wheels.
Wheels are steering and carrying your Battle-Car. They can either be animated or static. Every wheel has a custom trim or even a custom tire tread. You can equip them inside the customization window in the wheels tab.
To get the Gearlock Wheels you can either open a specific crate with a key or trade with other players.
You can search for trade offers with Gearlock here.

Gearlock Very Rare Wheels